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Relationship and Community Centered

Sew Exquisite cares about the well-being of our people.  We hope to build a sense of community and mutual support amongst our workers.  Branch managers make a point of getting to know each stitcher and their family, regularly checking in with workers in their homes.  We host social events and get-togethers on a regular basis for all our workers and ensure they are treated fairly.
Skills Training and Meaningful Work

We train our stitchers and sewers to produce beautiful, high quality work.  After initial training, beginner stitchers are partnered with a senior stitcher who can support them and pass on their skills.  We also host workshops and help each worker to graduate through a range of easy to difficult patterns.
Supporting our Workers in Difficult Times

In recent years, we have established a humanitarian fund.  This enables us to provide relief and support to our workers and their communities after natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, and tsunamis.  We also offer free budgeting advice and an opt-in savings program.

See the Sew Exquisite website for more details:

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