The Peace Project was founded in 2015.  Our focus is to to spread peace!  Islam and Christianity, as the two religions with the largest number of followers in the world, play a significant role in both conflict and world peace.  The focus of the Peace Project is to educate adherents from both religions to focus on the values of peace and love inherent within each religion.  One of the ways we do this is through Peace Camps.  Peace Camps bring together 20 Christian students and 20 Muslim students over 3 days.  During this time each participant will learn the values ​​of peace in a fun and meaningful way.  Peace Camps are designed to eliminate prejudices between participants and establish friendships, with the goal that participants will become Peacemakers within their communities.

One aspect of Peace Camps is participation in Interfaith Dialogue, specifically in finding shared values ​​from the Holy Books of Christianity and Islam.  Small groups discuss the Bible and the Koran, specifically looking for shared values​.  We also build the value of peace through several other activities: Mini Peace Camps, Peace Camps for children, Educator / Teacher Training, Splash the Peace, seminars, and talk shows.

Through our activities, peace has been taught to thousands of people in Indonesia such as students, children, teachers, and several other communities.